Sturdy and easy-to-use

Due to the sturdy construction, the easy way of handling and the comfortable design our bikes offer a fun experience at the highest level. We care about the repairing and maintenance so that you can just jump on and arrive safely at your destination.  

Service and maintenance

Well protected

Our CallBikes are maintained regularly so that you can fully concentrate on your ride and arrive safely at your destination. The high-quality design and the details for a good ride comfort allow you to move reliably through the traffic. Did you notice a damage before riding the bike? Send us a message via the app and we will take care of it! 


Pedelecs in Stuttgart

Our pedelecs allow the perfect ride comfort where others work up a sweat. An electric hub drive supports up to 25 km/h as needed. 

Facts and figures 

These facts speak for themselves

  • More than 13.000 bikes in 50 cities
  • Market leader for bikesystems in Germany
  • More than 860.000 customers trust us since 2002

More information

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Our car sharing and rental bike systems are a perfect team.
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