Say goodbye to transport troubles

Our CallBikes are real all-rounders. They come in handy in so many situations: as an environmentally friendly alternative to a car, the way to get to a business meeting or as a backup option to your own bike. Combine them with Deutsche Bahn's train and car-sharing network and you have the perfect mobility chain for journeys long and short.

Green mobility

A clean deal

Using Call a Bike means you actively contribute to reducing pollution levels: choosing to travel by bike not only gets you around town with zero emissions, but it also means fewer cars on the road. It's not just the environment that benefits, but also your wallet. 

Backup bike

The ideal extra bike

You might invest in a second bike for visitors and store it in your cellar, but if you want to save money, space and effort, why not use CallBikes when you need them? This gives your visitors a great option for their tour around town or the trip home from the cinema. Day-long hire prices mean you also get great-value mobility for weekends.

Business trips

The perfect business partner

Taxis often get stuck in traffic, preventing passengers from getting to their meetings on time. The smart move is to hire a CallBike and cycle the last leg of a business trip from the train station to the office building.


Call a Bike and Flinkster: a great team

Call a Bike and Flinkster, Deutsche Bahn's carsharing option, don't just have the colour red in common, but they also complement each other perfectly. Once you finish a train journey, you can look for a stand at a station and hire a two- or four-wheeled option to continue your trip. And if the weather isn't very friendly, all you have to do is hop into the nearest available Flinkster car.

Rail travel

Changing from trains to bikes

Call a Bike isn't just part of Deutsche Bahn on paper, but it's also the perfect follow-up to every train journey. You can go straight from the train to a bike at over 30 ICE stations around Germany. BahnCard holders get a great deal with our special prices.

Our apps are designed for iOS, Android and Windows Phone: all mobile devices and always free.

Sturdy, easy-to-use and excellent design, our bikes are second to none.

Do you have any questions about hiring and using our CallBikes? Simply get in touch with us.